WiFi Printers | Connecting a Wireless Printer

WiFi Printers | Connecting a Wireless Printer

Installing a wireless or WiFi printer can sometimes be quite confusing and the instructions misleading.

Getting Connected

Often people are trying to connect to the printer directly from the computer. Wrong. What you need to do is connect the wireless printer to the Wireless Network Router and then install the printer driver on the Laptop/PC. Having the driver installed saves a lot of time when it comes to connecting to the printer. The driver usually comes on a disc supplied with the wireless printer and is also available to download from the printer manufacturer’s website. Printers with colour displays often give on screen step-by-step instructions to connecting the printer to the network then connecting to the computer. Setting the printer up for Wi-FI connectivity is optional, you don’t need to do this straight away as you can come back later to do so.

What to Take Into Consideration

Many different makes of printers offer Wireless capabilities such as HP, Epson, Cannon, Brother etc. The best type of printer for you depends what it’s used for. Things to take into consideration are Ink prices, toner prices, common faults etc. All printers are different to connect to a Wireless Network for wireless printing. Some may not even have the ability for Wireless connectivity.

Get In Touch

If you are having trouble connecting to your Wireless printer or even just looking for some advice feel free to give us a call on 01292 264415 or pop into the repair centre and speak to one of our experienced technicians at Storm 360 – 41A Green Street – Ayr – KA8 8BQ