Why Your Website Needs SSL Security

Why Your Website Needs SSL Security

GOOGLE announces penalisation for sites without SSL Security  

Any website without an SSL certificate could be penalised by the search engine ranking system, making it easier for competing companies to appear above yours.

Why SSL is important

GDPR COMPLIANCE – Having an SSL certificate also means that your company will be complying with The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), this comes into effect on 25/05/2018.

ENCRYPTION – SSL keeps sensitive information being sent across the internet encrypted, this means that sent information is made unreadable by everyone except the intended recipient.

AUTHENTICITY – SSL provides website authentication, this means that you can be sure that all your information being sent is going to the correct server and not one trying to hijack the information.

TRUST – SSL provides trust, browsers will often provide a trust signature when SSL is being used, this can be seen in the form of a padlock icon or a green bar.

ONLINE PAYMENTS – SSL is necessary in order to accept any credit card information on your website, the company must show that they are complying with PCI standards, one of which is using an SSL certificate.

COMPETITIONSSL can make competitors seem more secure. If the competitor uses SSL Security and you don’t, it could lead customers to believe that it’s safer to be with them.

Types of SSL

Premium – for anyone who wishes to provide a secure connection for their website, more of an entry level SSL.

Platinum – Designed for business, this ensures customers that a site is trustworthy and security is taken seriously.

GoGreen – longer verification process that helps to reassure that the site is trustworthy, the company name will appear in the padlock section of the address bar, this is mainly aimed towards E-Commerce.

SSL Certificate Prices


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