We can troubleshoot your computer related issues remotely.

At Storm360, we know that IT issues can be a nuisance for businesses. Especially if the problem causes the workflow to halt. That’s why we aim to fix any issues within hours of them being reported to us. This can mean a call out  from one of our qualified engineers, or we can set up a remote session and access your system remotely using specialist software.

What does this mean for my business?

We can remotely monitor your network meaning that generally problems are fixed before you even know about them. Our team remotely monitor your system 24/7 ensuring you are protected against any network failures or irregularities, this means we can identify any issues and fix them efficiently with a minimum of downtime.

Remote Support

How does it work?

1) Call us on 01292 264415 and ask to book a remote support session.
2) We will call you back at agreed time.
3) We send you an email with a download link to specialist software
4) We connect to your computer remotely and assist you with your problem.
5) Remote session covers up to 1 hour for £29.00.
6) We send you an electronic invoice only if we have rectified your problem.