Point 2 Point Wireless Install

Point 2 Point Wireless Install

Wireless point 2 point install

Recently we visited Maybole Juniors to install a wireless point 2 point network. But before we could head down we had to ensure that our equipment wouldn’t have any issues. Prior to the install we set up a test rig within our workshop to ensure that the transition would be as smooth as possible.


We knew that the test rig wouldn’t consider the range of the antennas but this would then allow up to monitor any drops in service if there was any.

After all our tests passed, it was off to the Maybole Juniors Clubhouse with our wireless network kit. Once we arrived we assessed the surround area with the use of our drone.

Wireless transmitter location

We installed the wireless transmitter on the club owners house and the wireless receiver on the clubhouse, once this was configured we tested the transmitting speeds and were pleased to find the results were exactly as we predicted.