Overheating Laptop or PC


Before your PC is cleaned, it could be like this on the inside. The PC in the image is  a HP Compaq dx2400.
The build up of dust in this machine came from a waste management office where the environment is very dusty.

Is your laptop or PC overheating or cutting out often?
Do you use your laptop on your bed?

Using a laptop on the bed will cause the fan to become blocked so this means the machine will not be able to cool down. Machine not cooling down, your machine will shut down – this is due to overheating.

If your PC is in a tight enclosed space and doesn’t have a couple inches of space each side this could cause issues for the fan such as not getting enough air intake so it’s just pulling in dust from the edges. This will cause a PC to overheat and cut out also if it is in dusty workshop environment then the PC will pull in dust and refuse from the air.


We stripped down the PC and gave it a complete clean and now it runs and works a treat!

Smoking around a laptop or PC. This is harmful to the fan and cooling system of the machine as the smoke and chemicals released can get into the fan and heat sink and build up into a solid block of grime. We would advise you to not smoke near your machine because this is one of the top causes of causing the fan to clog up.

When the fan is blocked it will eventually start to make the laptop warmer and this can damage the system and could end up making the laptop run faulty. If your laptop is getting warm quickly, why not bring it into us and we will get it stripped, cleaned and tested.

Many of our previous customers brought their laptops and PCs to us due to cutting out and overheating issues so we solved their problem.  Not one of them said a bad word or returned due to an overheating or cutting out issue again.