Online Cloud Back Up Storage

Online Cloud Back Up Storage

Online Cloud Back Up Storage?

We strongly recommend backing up all your data! Many problems that we happen to see involve data loss that we struggle to recover, sometimes it may even be impossible to recover data that is highly important! Read on for more information.

Using our online cloud back up storage system is something you should consider weather your a home or business user. You are able to access and edit all of your backed up data from any internet accessible machine including smartphones, tablets, iPads, laptops and PCs. If you were to experience problems with your laptop and we were unable to get any of your files or access any documents stored on the machine then it would all be backed up onto your account.

This could be very handy if you were travelling and took an iPad, tablet or smartphone and didn’t want to haul about your laptop. As long as you have an Internet connection you can access any of the backed up data on your account.

People often loose data due to their laptop or PC breaking down on them, or the Data on the Hard Disk Drive ends up corrupt. When the data goes corrupt there is very little we can do to recover it. Things like viruses and malware can also cause loss of data. If you seen one of our previous articles about malware you will understand the damage that can be caused and the extend of data that could potentially be lost or took into the hands of unsafe people.

Quite often computer users back their data up to external hard drives, discs and USB memory sticks. What if they were to become faulty too? The data would be lost, this is just another one of the Many reasons to back-up your data online in the cloud. All of the data that is stored in the cloud is completely private and nobody is able to access it without your email address and password. Not even us as your account administrator.

We offer a 60-day free trial to all of our customers and after that it is £29.00 per year. This gives you online storage back-up, unlimited devices meaning you can back up as many devices as you like.