Cloud Backup Solution – Get simple, secure online backup and recovery from Storm 360,

Use Storm 360 cloud backup solutions to protect your critical data by automatically streaming it, encrypted, to Storm 360′s secure, off-site data centres, with just a few minutes of set up. Should disaster strike, keep your business up and running by restoring critical files from anywhere.

The challenge of cloud back-ups is often the distribution of data. Sending off that initial “seed” of data can be an eliminating expense for a small business. Now, with the ability to move data locally onto drives of a TB or more, makes the expense bearable, even with a one- or two-day shipping rate.

Getting in ahead of the curve can sometimes prove to be an accelerant for success in business. With the availability and cost-effectiveness of cloud backup storage today, a small business can create multi-tiered backup plans that allow small businesses to take advantage of this strategy. After all, there is recent market research that relays: at least 60% of small and mid-sized businesses believe the cloud is an important part of their storage infrastructure plans looking forward.

The workforce is increasing the flow of mobile traffic every week, so making sure that data is protected is an important part of your cloud data plan also. The Ponemon Institute recently found that ONLY 39% of surveyed organizations have the necessary security controls to mitigate risk posed by insecure mobile devices placing a business at great risk should they be lost or stolen. Storm 360 Cloud storage can ensure that not only is your company’s on-site data safe but also that of your employees’ mobile data.

What about you and your business? Are you concerned about the growth of your data? Data Sets are growing, and with that growth comes more pressure on your current in-depth back-up plans (i.e. more pressure on your IT team) and higher risk of catastrophe (i.e. if you are storing your data on-site and there is a flood or a fire).


Key Features

  • Completely hassle free – monitors files as you work
  • Unlimited storage – it doesn’t matter how many files you’ve got on your computers, we’ll back them all up
  • Keeps up to 30 versions of any file
  • Easily restore files using our restore software
  • Access it all from the web, iPhone, iPad, Kindle Fire and Android with free apps
  • Simple yet powerful software for Windows and Macs
  • Automatic backup for PCs and Servers that performs backups on a schedule or when files are changed
  • Secure, off-site protection and enterprise class data encryption
  • Self-service recovery capabilities for employees.

Key Benifets

  • Simplifies backup and helps to make sure that critical data is always protected
  • Keeps data protected while in transit and at rest while also allowing it to be restored to any Internet-connected location.
  • Makes the service easy to deploy to individuals – whether they are in the office or working remotely
  • Reduces burdens for administrators and minimizes downtime for users
  • Keeps copies of deleted files
  • Extremely easy to use and install
  • 100% safe and secure


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