HP Plotter Carriage Belt Replacement

HP Plotter Carriage Belt Replacement

One of this weeks jobs was to change the carriage  belt on an HP Designjet 500/800 Plotter.

The reason it needed replaced was due to the belt being past its serviceable running time and number of prints. The belt itself is made from rubber and over time becomes brittle and deteriorates.

This then causes small pieces of black rubber to drop down on to your prints and can interfere with various other mechanical parts such as the service station and heads. You can see what a mess this makes in the images below.plotter-designjet-hp-belt-replacement (2)plotter-designjet-hp-belt-replacement (3)

Easy till the cover comes off!

First impressions of the belt change look fairly straight forward until we removed the end covers to reveal just exactly how far we would have to strip the plotter to change the belt.

Almost every component has to removed to get the carriage and belt out of the slides. One of the toughest parts of the full job was refitting the encoder strip as this is a sprung metalic strip which was nightmare to say the least.

The carriage belt itself has an automatic tensioner which keeps the belt tensioned as it stretches through use. Once the Plotter was built back up and tested, it was time to calibrate. This is done from within the menu of the Plotter and was very satisfying to see the Designjet working away with the new belt and pulley replaced.

plotter-designjet-hp-belt-replacement (8)