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STORM 360 Ayr is a Full I.T Solution Company - Web Design, SEO, eCommerce, Network Support, Computer Repairs and Digital Marketing. Get more Information

STORM 360 - Web Design, SEO, eCommerce, Network Support, Computer Repairs and Digital Marketing.


I have a large catalog; does STORM 360 have bulk product and image uploading capabilities?

Yes. Our flexible product import tool takes your tab-delimited file and turns it into a product catalog with support for multi-tier pricing, categories and more. This tool intelligently inserts new or updates existing products from the same file!
The bulk image upload tool greatly speeds up the process of populating the images in a large catalog. We have customers who have over 100,00 products, we are experts at creating these stock files and making them live.

Do you support product feeds to Google, Shopzilla and others?

Yes. We can build your site  to supports various product feeds.

Does STORM 360 offer hosting services?

Yes. storm 360 offer various levels of hosting to deliver manageable, scalable and highly available environments for mission critical data networks. You can read more about our  hosting services here: (http://storm360.co.uk/our-packages/storm-360-ayrshire-web-site-hosting/)

What customer notifications are automatically generated by your system?

Order placed, order shipped.

Do you offer payment gateway services?

Yes, can integrate most secure payment gateway services, including PayPal and Google Checkout.

Do you have a mass emailing/newsletter module?

Yes. The back-end tools include an email/newsletter module so you can keep in touch with your customers and reach out to new ones.

What marketing features are offered?

STORM 360 offers all the latest marketing and up-sell features including; gift certificate, wish list, tell-a-friend, featured and related products, all seamlessly integrated into one platform.

Can individual products be set as taxable or non-taxable?

Yes, products can be set ‘taxable’ or ‘non-taxable’. Additionally, customers can be designated ‘tax-exempt’. There is even a field for the tax-exempt customers’. Note that sales tax is only calculated for orders that have a shipping address in a ‘taxable’ area.

How many products can your platform support?

The platform can support unlimited products: we can build a  boutique store with a few products to a full online shopping site with 100,000 products and over.

Does STORM 360 offer logo design or other custom design services?

storm 360 maintains an in-house team of design professionals. They can assist you with development of a company logo, newsletter templates and overall branding to create a unique presence.

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