Why is Backing Up Your Data So Important?

Why is Backing Up Your Data So Important?

Data Backup and Recovery

What would you do if you go into your office a go to your home computer tomorrow and all your data is missing? Would it be a disaster!

Two phrases spring to mind when I think about this. The first well known phrase is “Closing the Gate After the Horse has Bolted”, the second phrase is “Prevention is Better than the Cure”.

Let’s address the first phrase in Data Back Recovery Terms – Customers come to us with a faulty External Hard Drive, Laptop, Server, Computer or Memory Stick. A problem has developed and they can’t access the data on it, what happens next?

Yes we can do data recovery in house to various levels, but unfortunately it can take hours and hours of work to try and extract that information. If we are unsuccessful then we have to send it out to a specialist, it has to be stripped in a “clean room”, if mechanical parts are damaged they have to be sourced, usually from America. The cost can run into not just hundreds but thousands of £’s.

Yes we’re trying to “Close the Gate After the Horse has Bolted”. I feel so sorry for the customers who’s data cannot be recovered!. Years of work, lost!

Lets look at the second phrase, “Prevention is Better than the Cure” – If your using our Cloud Back up Service or you have one you’ve chosen yourself, you go to access your files and a fault has developed. What do you do next?

Simple, simple click a few buttons and bring some or all your Data straight back into any machine from The Cloud. Job Done!

Can you really afford not to have an Automatic Back Up Solution?