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PPC Advertising

Pay-per-Click marketing campaigns are highly effective in today’s tight marketing environment.

Pay per Click

Pay per Click












What is it?

In its simplest form it is a sponsored advertisement that appears on websites and search engines. This advertisement is highly tailored to appear on enter of specific key words. When the customer clicks on advertisement the source of advertisement is paid a commission for getting the click on the ad. It is similar to placing an ad in your local paper except you don’t have to fork out a massive initial payment and hope for results. You only pay for the clicks that you get on the specific ad. It also allows for tracking of customers to provide a click-through rate and a conversation rate of the ads.

Running a PPC – Pay-per-Click – marketing campaign can put an enormous strain on a business’ resources. It can be very expensive and time consuming, with little return for your efforts if you do not have the requisite knowledge and experience. PPC has become even more complicated than SEO owing to the complex quality score algorithms utilised by the search engines.

There are some businesses who have become successful with their use of PPC and whose keywords manage to hog the top positions in sponsored search results. These businesses are successfully exploiting PPC’s lucrative revenue opportunities and the big question is: “Just how are they doing it?”

Why us?

By outsourcing your PPC marketing campaign to us you will benefit from:

  • Dramatic increases in brand exposure and revenue as your business benefits from a PPC campaign developed by our specialist team, embracing management methodologies which are the most sophisticated in the industry.
  • Our large team of specialists who have excellent knowledge and experience in PPC and paid research.
  • Being safe in the knowledge that your cutting edge PPC marketing campaign is being constantly monitored by our outstanding Paid Search Specialists.

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